As an established Chicago-based marketing, consulting and recruitment firm, Focus on Aging brings extensive experience for dynamically growing your business. Reaching much further from our original roots in health care marketing and the elder care industry, we distinguish ourselves by flawlessly achieving goals and delivering results to a wide range of professions.

From small start-ups to established businesses, the majority of our clients come back to us time and again for guidance in managing long-term campaigns, one-time initiatives and high-level communications.

Our highly adaptable marketing programs allow us to offer an extensive menu of services to our clients. We find creative solutions and apply proven tactics based on sound business strategy, whatever your needs.

Our hands-on approach is a mix of personalized, one-on-one relationship building with up-to-the-minute digital strategies. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and staying current with the latest trends, providing you with service that yields results.



More than 20 years ago, I recognized the need for marketing in the newly developing elder care industry. Out of this necessity I embarked upon establishing new industry guidelines and formed my company. Focus on Aging became a standard among the marketing industry in Chicago and remains so today.

In an era where good customer service is hard to find, and businesses of all sizes are struggling to keep up, fortunately, Focus on Aging is not only stable — it is flourishing. 

My team and I are committed to providing personal attention to all clients with the goal of making their lives easier and more profitable. We help take your business to the next level by identifying and facilitating relationships that are long-term and beneficial.  We are also resourceful, and we’re most likely to have an answer to any question you may have.

As a consultant, I work on a wide range of projects.  Marketing consultants come in many varieties: strategic thinkers, daily project managers, general doers, or specialists.  Even though there is generally some overlapping between these types, it is unusual to find someone who excels at all four.  At Focus on Aging, we do it all.  As a consultant working with a management team, I see where this fits into the bigger picture.  I am excited to see the light-bulb moments when a client really understands where marketing fits into their business to allow it to thrive.  It is exhilarating, and fills me with pride, when our clients reach profitable benchmarks as a direct result of our team’s dedicated hard work.