Focus on Salesmen: Tipping Point Segment #3

Posted on October 22, 2010 by - Marketing

Successful Salesman

Successful Salesman

Welcome to part 3 of Elder Care Marketing 101.  I’m going through the lessons we can learn from Malcom Gladwell’s The Tipping Point.  Last week we focused on Mavens, and today we’re going to talk about Gladwell’s concept of Salesmen.  Here are some key characteristics of Salesmen: 

– Can persuade people of all ages to believe or try things
– Very energetic and enthusiastic personalities
– Perfectionists and workaholics
– Very involved in public activities and have many membership affiliations

The importance of the Salesmen is they persuade others to adopt ideas, products, fashions etc. Sales and marketing go hand in hand. Salesmen often have an important but hard to define feature that makes others want to agree with what they have to say. 

You are probably notice Salesmen more than Mavens and Connectors.  They are the people others want to emulate.  Whether you  need the same jacket they have, or you want to go on the same vacation they just went on, a Salesmen makes everything seem necessary.  They make you want what you don’t even need.  They are the perfect marketers. You simply cannot live without what they have or what they’re selling.

 Salesmen also have the ability to establish themselves quickly and rapidly sell items or services.  They are best in word-of-mouth campaigns.  Think of the last book you read, was it because somebody told you that you “absolutely have to read this book”?  The same idea works with adult children of aging parents when shopping for services.

By targeting Salesmen to market your business, you are bound to end up with customers who need to have whaever you are selling.  They’ve heard the call, and are coming to answer it. 

Now that we have covered three of the four groups Gladwell identifies, next week we will talk about our fourth and last group, Innovators.

Marla Levie, BSW, MA, President and Founder of Focus on Aging, has successfully been providing marketing consulting services to the elder care market and to other service-related professions in the Chicagoland area for over 20 years. Use the contact tab to email Marla for additional information about her services.

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