From One Generation to the Next: All in the Family

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Next generation helps family business

Next generation helps elder care marketing



Recently, my oldest daughter has stepped into the role of CEU/Education Coordinator for Focus on Aging. I can’t even express the joy of having my daughter take over one of our very popular programs.  She has a Business Degree and has grown up working part-time for Focus on Aging for many years.  It has been so much fun to mentor her, and also learn from her. With her youth, creativity and strong organizational skills, she is bringing fresh ideas and systems to our already successful division.  We have had thousands of clients and participants take advantage of our services over the years.


Focus on Aging has been providing continuing education events since the inception of our company.  Providing free CEUs started as a value-added bonus for our elder care marketing clients.   Businesses and individuals who would like to provide CEUs, but are not in need of our elder care marketing services, can pay a small fee for the CEUs. Focus on Aging is an approved Continuing Ed sponsor for many professions.




  1. Focus on Aging can certify your educational marketing programs with CEUs and CEs.
  2. We take the burden off of you. The paperwork and coordination involved is very detailed and very time-consuming. Why not use your valuable time elsewhere?
  3. We do not use your sign-in sheet names and contact information for any purposes. They belong only to you.  They are not added to the Focus on Aging mailing list or any other list.
  4. We do not give a commercial for Focus on Aging at your event. It is your event, not ours.
  5. We personalize the Certificates of Attendance for you.
  6. We can help you form a strategic partnership with other organizations for your event.
  7. Our turn-around time is very fast.
  8. We charge the same fee no matter the audience size or length of the program.
  9. We offer a “repeat rate” half-price fee, if you host the same program on another date.
  10. Right now we are offering a special rate to welcome our new coordinator as well as a referral discount, so it is actually possible to receive these CEUs for free.




Focus on Aging is a strong believer in the value of CEUs as a marketing tool. Oftentimes providing educational programs is the only way to get in front of your referral sources that are in need of continuing education credits.  Not only is presenting to your target market an important marketing technique, but also, many of these groups, such as nurses, case managers, LCPCs and licensed social workers are required to attend approved continuing educational programs to maintain their licenses.  Offering continuing ed programs are a win-win for everyone.  You can provide your referral sources with the CEUs they need to maintain their professional licenses and, at the same time, you are able to speak about your expertise and services.




Focus on Aging is licensed as a continuing education sponsor for nurses, licensed social workers, LCPC and can provide case management CEUs in Illinois. In Illinois, certified nurses need 20 CEUs every two years and licensed social workers need 30 CEUs to maintain their licenses. Social workers and nurses are two important referral sources in the aging and elder care marketing industry.




Focus on Aging helps to provide strategic partnering for continuing education events. For example, a speaker, rehab community and an elder law attorney may form a partnership to co-host an event. This allows them to pool their contact lists, share costs, co-market the event’s publicity and build business relationships. Since Focus on Aging has many important professional relationships, we are happy to connect our clients to others who might be a key partner. In addition, Focus on Aging is able to promote the programs to the community or a smaller targeted group. Regardless of the type of seminar, we can take care of the process from beginning to end or anywhere in-between, including finding a speaker for you.


If you are interested in learning more about continuing education programs or how Focus on Aging can help you or your company, please contact us.


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