How To Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable

Posted on January 2, 2018 by - Wheelchairs

Handicapped Sign

Handicapped Sign

This article was written by freelance writer, Jess Walter.


There are 2.2 million people in the United States who depend on a wheelchair for day-to-day tasks and mobility. Most wheelchair users, especially seniors, sit in their chair for most of the day. But when you spend most of your time in a wheelchair, you know that even the most high-tech chair can get uncomfortable over time. Suddenly, you’re aware of aches and pains due to inadequate lumbar support and you may even experience pressure ulcers due to prolonged sitting in a wheelchair. The good news is that there are many ways to make your wheelchair more comfortable, and doing these adjustments won’t break the bank.


Change the cushion


When it comes to a wheelchair cushion, keep in mind that thicker isn’t always better. However, some seniors prefer a thicker foam for better comfort, so one way to make your device more comfortable is to switch out the cushion. You can make your own wheelchair cushion by using a standard foam cushion and covering it with a sturdy fabric. Cover the whole cushion with a soft and skin-friendly fabric, such as cotton, then attach it to the chair.


Wear the right clothing


Wearing bulky clothing during the winter months is essential for seniors to keep warm during the cold months, especially here in Chicago where today’s temperature is 6 degrees below zero . However, wearing thick clothing such as wool sweaters or coats while sitting in your wheelchair can be uncomfortable after you’ve been sitting on your device for a few hours. You can keep the chill out by layering warm and thin clothing correctly. Instead of wearing a heavy coat, you can drape a warm shawl or a blanket over yourself if you’re staying indoors. You can also wear socks or slippers to stay warm and cover your head to avoid losing body heat.


Cushioned armrests


As you go about your day, you’ll notice that you use your wheelchair’s armrests frequently, especially when you’re reading or leaning on them. Adding cushioned armrests can make your wheelchair a lot more comfortable and prevent pressure sores.


Upgrade the wheelchair back


Wheelchair backs are available in different contours. Because postural support is essential to being comfortable in a wheelchair, you’ll have to try on different types to ensure that you’re seated correctly at all times. Upgrade your wheelchair’s back and you might be surprised at how much more comfortable it is to sit on your device.

Having a comfortable wheelchair can make your day-to-day tasks more enjoyable. Consider any of these tips for a comfy wheelchair and for a better quality of life. And, if you market to seniors or work in elder care marketing, think of these tips when selling your wheelchairs.  Feel free to contact us at Focus on Aging for more information.