Law firms are consistently looking for ways to reach more potential clients and grow their practices.


Focus on Aging understands the mindset of both attorneys and clients. As a result, we can help you develop law firm marketing strategies that match your law firm’s personality, are easy to implement and will increase your client base.


We offer affordable:


  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • On-line Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Management
  • Traditional Rainmaking and Relationship Marketing Techniques
  • Intake and Sales Conversion Trainings
  • Coaching


“Marla showed me how effective social media marketing could be for a law firm. Based on her research, I took the plunge. Focus developed a social media plan and proved that putting my reputation in Marla’s hands was the best decision I made. Focus on Aging implemented my plan and minimized the amount of work on my end, all at a reasonable cost. I obtained new clients, which I contribute to Marla’s hard work and marketing expertise. We are in our sixth year of successful marketing efforts”.