Marketing to Seniors in 2017

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Marketing to Seniors Panel

Marketing to Seniors Panel

This blog post is one of five articles that will address aging’s impact on business and community.  Each blog will respond to a question asked of me as a participant on a panel of experts in the aging industry. The questions ranged from healthcare and education to marketing and workforce trends.


Below are the thought-provoking questions, put together by gerontologist Dr. Lydia Manning that guided the discussion and these articles.


  1. What are the biggest impacts that an aging population will have on business and community? What are the biggest challenges and opportunities of an aging economy?
  2. In your opinion, what are local companies and communities doing to help serve the aging market? Which ones are excelling and providing models of how to best prepare for the longevity revolution?
  3. What sectors of business will be most impacted by aging?
  4. As leaders in the fields of business and aging, what advice do you have for business owners about how to best prepare for and capitalize on the promise of longevity?
  5. How do you experience your own aging in the context of business and community?


I was honored to be invited to participate in this lively discussion. The event was hosted by the Celebrating Seniors Coalition that partnered with local chambers of commerce to address how aging affects businesses. The event’s keynote speaker, Wally Amos, founder of Famous Amos cookies joined us on the panel.


My fellow panelists were Dr. Claudia Santin, Dean of the College of Business at Concordia University Chicago and Rosanna Marquez, JD, AARP State President.  The moderator was Dr. Daniel Condon, Professor of Economics at Dominican University. What a fabulous team!


In addition to capitalizing on my 30 plus years working as a businesswoman and founder of Focus on Aging, which provides marketing guidance to businesses that serve the senior marketplace, I consulted other sources to prepare for the panel. I read the latest literature on eldercare marketing and trends and spoke with several colleagues in the field to hear their input on the topics. While preparing, I realized that I had acquired significant useful and interesting information that could be turned into articles, prompting the creation of this series of articles.


Stay tuned for the responses to the questions, and please feel free to share your opinions.


For more information about the program or questions related to eldercare marketing, feel free to reach out to Focus on Aging.



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