New Year, Changes –Your Online Strategy and Rebranding

Posted on December 19, 2017 by - Elder Care Marketing

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Marketing Strategy

Change is Inevitable


We all know that changes are happening on a daily basis.  Each day is a new day. We also know there are many potential reactions to change.  Some resist it while others look at it as an opportunity.  Some changes are more subtle than others.  Everyone, including us elder care marketers, needs to be aware of the changes in our industries, clients and businesses and respond accordingly.


The Internet and Online Marketing Campaign


Focus on Aging has been promoting the use of social media and online marketing campaigns for years. We find online strategies to be highly successful for all of our clients.  We have posted many studies about the high use of the internet by seniors and baby boomers. If it isn’t already a strong part of your marketing plan, 2018 is the year to highlight your online strategy in your marketing plan.


What should you consider when implementing or modifying your online marketing campaign? Asking yourself the following questions may be helpful:


1.       Who is your target customer?

2.       Do you have the right team member to maintain your plan?

3.       What is your budget for an online campaign?

4.       Are you familiar with the term SEO– Search Engine Optimization?


An effective online marketing campaign is easier and less expensive than you think.  You can be successful no matter your budget.  If you stay committed to an internet strategy and the follow-through, you will see a significant return on your investment and excellent results.


What’s in a Name?


Branding – we all spend hours coming up with the right company name, logo, tagline and mission statement. Some companies are timeless and have been around for decades and only make subtle changes to their brand.  Others take on a major overhaul.  At Focus on Aging, we work with companies that market to seniors and help them rebrand.


Rebranding is a very common business move for many companies. Have you noticed the very high volume of giveaways that you own from various businesses that market to seniors that either no longer exist or have changed their names?


Why rebrand?


1.       Businesses want to attract a new demographic.

2.       A new ownership or merger has taken place.

3.       There are changes in the marketplace.

4.       A new mission or image is needed to overcome a perceived or real problem.

5.       The company name is no longer politically correct.


It is always fun and exciting to work as a team to create names, looks and missions. Rebranding is not just creating a new logo.  It is a serious commitment to grow your company.   Due to the uncertainly of our economy and current political climate, businesses and agencies are being as creative as possible to stay afloat while governing rules are changing and funding is being locked up or taken away.  The nonprofit world is especially affected.


As we approach 2018, let all be aware of the changes around us and turn them into positive opportunities.  Call us at Focus on Aging if we can be of any help to you or your company!


All the best in the New Year!