Focus on Aging finds solutions for businesses that are asking the following questions: 

  •     Are we competitive in the marketplace?
  •     Do we have a successful marketing program?
  •     Do our bottom-line results meet our goals?
  •     Are our customer relationships solid?
  •     Do we devote sufficient time to marketing?
  •     Do we have a steady customer base?

 We are the solution….

We will work with you to develop an organized and effective business plan and marketing program. We know how easy it is to get sidetracked. The programs we create are easy to follow and have realistic and attainable goals.

Your internal marketing systems play a key role in relationship building and positive customer satisfaction. Internal marketing teams include all your employees, starting with the receptionist who creates the first impression. Focus on Aging’s internal marketing program complements your external marketing plans.

Over the years, Focus on Aging has successfully helped many elder care organizations improve their sales and achieve their marketing goals. We know the industry, the trends and the referral sources.

Promotional Materials & Public Relations

We will review your existing marketing materials and provide ideas and suggestions. Our team of advertising professionals will create the message, brand, and image that best identifies your business. Our public relations group assists you with media and Internet promotion.