Testimonials and Elder Care Marketing

Posted on January 23, 2013 by - Elder Care Marketing

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Testimonials and
Elder Care Marketing

Have you considered the power of client testimonials? They can be a very influential tool and an important factor in decision-making. When it comes to marketing to seniors, a positive testimonial can be your greatest form of advertising. They can be posted on your website, social media or made into direct mail pieces or glossy handouts. Potential clients will be happy to read that other customers are satisfied with your elder care service.  This can give you extra credibility.

What makes testimonials effective?

Testimonials help build trust in you and your services and are a significant way of reaching clients from another person’s perspective. In fact, since they aren’t written in your own voice, they often stand out as an unbiased review.

How do you receive these great testimonials?

In order to showcase the best testimonials from actual clients, you need to ask for them. The following are a few ways to obtain testimonials:

  1. Give clients opportunities to leave feedback. Provide your clients or their families with evaluations or postcards for them to fill out. Make sure to ask for all their contact information, so you can ask your client for permission to use their comments. As an aside, if you receive negative comments, make sure they are addressed. We will discuss how to respond to negative feedback in our next blog.
  2. Have a “feedback” form on your website or “comment” area on your blog. This is another opportunity for people to leave their thoughts about the service they received from you. Program your website so that comments must be approved before being published.  This allows you to review them before they go live.
  3. Ask for a review. This is perhaps the most direct and easiest approach. Ask your satisfied clients or their family members if they would write a few words about their experience to be used as a testimonial. Chances are they would be happy to oblige. Don’t forget to consider making this into a photo opportunity.  Who doesn’t like to see their picture in print or on-line?

In the elder care business, testimonials have the power to influence potential clients and their decision makers. Use your best reviews and comments from actual clients as testimonials to help boost your business. If you need help using testimonials when marketing to seniors, contact Focus on Aging.

Marla Levie, BSW, MA, President and Founder of Focus on Aging, has successfully been providing marketing consulting, social media and recruiting services to the elder care market and to other service-related professions in the Chicago area for over 20 years. Use the contact tab to email Marla for additional information about her services.

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